Ryan Stoops   -  

Every one of us needs a breakthrough at some point. When the children of God left Egypt, it wasn’t long before their old master started chasing after them which led them to be dead ended at the Red Sea. There at the water’s edge, it became quickly apparent that their enemy was hot on their tale, and they didn’t seem to have a way out. How many knows that they needed a breakthrough? If we are not careful, we read these stories and think to ourselves that God is so BIG… for everyone in the Bible. We’ve prayed for God to answer big things in our lives but just haven’t seen our own Red Sea miracles like we hoped. Before long, our prayer life and our expectations take a hit. As your pastor, I’m here to tell you that we serve the same God that parted the waters of the Red Sea. Even though we may have forgotten, the God we give our hearts and lives to is the exact same God that David called upon when he faced Goliath. The Bible says (Romans 8:11) that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, but do we believe that, and do we pray like we believe that?

Maybe you could use the God of our B-I-B-L-E to do a breakthrough in your life. Join me this Sunday as we kick-off our new series, Breakthrough. Together we will spend the next several weeks exploring God’s Word for our breakthrough. God loves His children and He’s ready to do the impossible for you, but are you ready for God to do the impossible in you? Just think, this could be the week that everything begins to change. I’ll see you Sunday!

For His glory,
Pastor Ryan