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Since the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel, news from the Holy Land has captivated the world with a ceaseless onslaught of information and misinformation about the status of hostages, the impending invasion of Gaza, attacks from Hezbollah, and whether this regional conflict could be the opening round of a third world war.

You’ve probably noticed, over the last couple of weeks, the anti-Israel demonstrations have erupted in cities and on campuses around the world, reaching a vitriolic crescendo on the weekend. These have transitioned from protests to hate filled gathering calling on the annihilation of the Jewish people. Last Sunday, approximately 7,000 demonstrators supporting Hamas marched across the Brooklyn Bridge and into the Jewish neighborhood of Crown Heights.

Participants expressed strong anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments, calling for the dismantling of the Jewish state. To manage the situation, the NYPD deployed approximately 1,800 officers along the march route. Take a good look at the numbers.

In England, authorities estimated that approximately 70,000 demonstrators convened in the heart of London on Saturday, displaying Palestinian flags and anti-Israel/anti-Jewish signs as they voiced their condemnation of Israel. The protestors picked up what has become an international slogan among demonstrators calling for Israel’s eradication “from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, Palestine will be free.” The true meaning of this is the genocide of the Jews.

Back home, a growing number of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel demonstrations took place on college and University campuses around the nation. The greatest pockets of anti-semitism are found on the college campuses. Added to that, the social media platforms have been flooded by a firehose of anti-Semitic posts and condemnations of Israel while incidents of anti-Semitism and threats against the Jews proliferate across the country.

Sunday, a lynch mob attacked the airport in the Russian capital city of Makhachkala searching for alleged Jewish refugees where a Russian flight from Tel Aviv had landed. The assailants poured onto the tarmac demanding the Jews. Unbelievable.

The situation in Israel and Gaza intensifies each day, and the narrative is so much deeper than the headlines convey. Israel is currently engaged on multiple fronts within Gaza, diligently neutralizing traps, IEDs, and confronting the very embodiment of evil.

And the situation isn’t just limited to Gaza. There’s increased activity on Israel’s other fronts as well, with Lebanon, Syria, and even Yemen launching missiles towards Israeli territory.

This isn’t merely a war of one nation against another; it transcends that. We’re witnessing a manifestation of Ephesians 6 – a battle against rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, even amid international pressures and calls for a ceasefire, remains resolute. His recent statements emphasize the gravity of this conflict for the nation, likening it to their “second war of independence.” His words resonate with an unsettling truth: this isn’t about territorial expansion; it’s an existential battle for the people of God.

As you might imagine, many of our Jewish friends don’t feel a bit safe letting anyone know they are Jewish. Where has the world gone? You would think that the Holocaust would be something that the world would never want to see again, but not so. The hatred a disdain against Israel and the Jewish people has grown exponentially since October 7.

Watching this conflict unfold, it’s natural for emotions like fear or anger to arise, especially given the divisive reactions it’s triggering globally. However, it’s more important for us to remember where our unwavering trust should lie: “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.” (Psalm 20:7)
As this conflict grows, leading to the tragic loss of lives on every side, I urge you to stand with us in intercession for Israel and its surrounding areas.

There is something that I want to ask you to do specifically. Join us for a pro-Israel Rally, “Idaho Stands With Israel” event this Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. It will be at the Capitol. We need a great turnout in order to send a clear message. This is not a political rally. It is a rally in support of Israel. Israel needs to be able to defend herself without the interference of the nations of the world. The US wouldn’t tolerate interference if it were in this situation, and neither should Israel. Be praying for an awakening that will cause the people of Israel to turn their hearts towards God and His Messiah for them. Pray for God’s protection upon those who remain kidnapped. But then, show up and make some noise. Let the world know that the Jewish people are not alone.

I will share more this Sunday. By the way, a group of amazing students will be presenting a phenomenal drama, The Dark Road, this Sunday evening at 6pm. Talk about timely, this is a story cut out of the Holocaust. You will be amazed and impacted by the presentation, as these young people have nailed it. Don’t miss it.
It’s 45 minutes.

With Love,

Pastor Dave