Ryan Stoops   -  

Have you ever thought about how the climax of a story wouldn’t be so climactic if it didn’t have the rest of the story – the beginning and the end?! It’s true that we can all nitpick and identify various parts of our favorite stories that could have used more or less details throughout. But the big picture is that each story is what it is because of the entirety of the story. In fact, it’s the little details and the stories within the big story that give context and setting for why the climax is so meaningful.

As we head into March, we find ourselves just 5 weeks away from our climactic celebration of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the pinnacle of our faith. It’s the hope for all who choose to follow Christ because death no longer stings, and the grave no longer has any victory. Because He lives, we get to live with Him for all eternity. This truth changes everything! It’s also true that this truth wouldn’t seem nearly as significant if we didn’t have the other details and stories that both leads up to the resurrection and follows the resurrection. Knowing the Bible all the way through provides us with God’s true character and a deeper importance for why we need His death and resurrection.

Beginning this Sunday, we will start our journey towards Easter celebration with a new series, Oh What a Savior. We will especially highlight the few places/stories where Jesus was lying down, and how in his rest, we get a greater glimpse of our God. The month of March will look like the following:

  • Sunday, March 3 – In the manager, we see the love of God.
  • Sunday, March 10 – In the boat, we see the peace of God.
  • Sunday, March 17 – In the upper room, we see the servant of God.
  • Sunday, March 24 – In the grave, we see the grace of God.
  • Sunday, March 31 – In the resurrection (No more laying down), we see the vindication of God.

I really hope you invite your friends and plan to join us each week as we worship together and look at the different characteristics of God seen in the life of Christ at various points of His rest. And on Easter morning, we will collectively join all of heaven singing, shouting, and standing in victory, knowing that Jesus will never lie down again, because He lives!

Oh what a Savior!
Pastor Ryan