Hope and Humility on Palm Sunday

John McGee   -  


Palm Sunday arrives soon. We wave our palms, echoing the cheers of a crowd long gone, celebrating Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. But beneath the joyous shouts, a deeper message resonates – a message that extends far beyond the palms.

This is a day that reminds us of hope. Hope, not because of the brief praise Jesus receives, but because of the purpose behind his arrival. He rides in on a humble donkey, not a mighty steed, a symbol of peace, not war. He comes to set us free, not from the Romans, but from the greater chains of sin and death.

Palm Sunday is also a reminder of humility. The crowds shout for Jesus in joyous praise, yet just days later, that same crowd will cry out for his crucifixion. It’s a sobering reflection on the fickleness of human emotions. It challenges us to examine our own hearts. Where does our true faith lie? Is it in the fleeting praise of the moment, or in the unwavering love of God?

Let Palm Sunday be a reminder of both the triumph and the humility in Jesus’ journey. Let the joy of his arrival ignite a spark of hope within us.

On this Palm Sunday, let’s open our hearts to the deeper message. Let’s celebrate the hope of redemption, embrace the call for humility, and move forward with faith during this Holy Week.

One of the ways that you express that faith is by serving. The Lizard Butte Sunrise Service needs 6-8 people to help with parking on Easter Morning. Please contact Whitney Morgan LizardButteSunrise@yahoo.com if you can help or have questions.